Use Social Media Marketing with consistency.

30 lead generation strategies — social media marketing

30 Days of Lead Generation — Day 9

Use Social Media Marketing with consistency.

In addition to blogging, get into the habit of regularly posting on social media. This should include your content as well as sharing content from others. This helps improve your brand awareness and will help to increase your followers on social media.

While utilizing social networks, strive to attract a loyal following by building a relationship with potential customers.

Remember, social media requires and thrives on dialogue. Companies that only use social media to blast out messages about themselves and how great they are etc.; aren’t using social channels
effectively. The goal is to interact with others and to be helpful, so consider sharing something that isn’t related to your company,

such as links to other interesting things including education
marketing of what, why, when, where, who & how. It is all about relationships.

Here are some tips for each platform:

LinkedIn — Search for and join some groups where your target audience is present and active. Talk to people and ask questions, start a discussion — and connect with people. Announce the events or webinars on your profile page.

Facebook — lead generation ads

Instagram — Use a different theme every week to get users habitual to your content and start asking you more or become leads

Twitter — has viral capabilities so post your content with
good quality visuals will give you leads

Even WhatsApp is a great platform nowadays for lead generation as you can create broadcast lists for sending your messages. Also, appeal to your contacts to send your campaigns to those who will benefit

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