Caring Is The New Digital Marketing

Since everyone is online these days, Digital Marketing has all the tell-tale signs of being an essential tool in today’s competitive market.

In this jungle of digital marketing and thousands of advertisements, your customers are always on the lookout for the products and services that will solve their problems.

“Your customers don’t care how much you know them unless they know, you care for them”

Always keep thinking “How can our business help make their life better with our products or services?”

What matters most is that you communicate your message that you CARE!

  • Create the content that will relate to customers than search engines
  • Create more visuals than boring text form content
  • Be accessible to…

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Lead Generation with great offers

30 Days of Lead Generation — Day 10

Design great offers to get high-quality leads

The word “yes” is a powerful one and ultimately everything we do as marketers is designed to get prospects to say “yes” to our offer(s).

When you add words like “exclusive,” “limited” or “high demand” it triggers a human tendency of what is in it for me that makes the offer even more appealing.

People need to recognize the value of your offer as irresistible, whether it is a white paper, free trial, membership, sales promotion, or download.

The higher the perception of value, the more irresistible the offer.

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30 lead generation strategies — social media marketing

30 Days of Lead Generation — Day 9

Use Social Media Marketing with consistency.

In addition to blogging, get into the habit of regularly posting on social media. This should include your content as well as sharing content from others. This helps improve your brand awareness and will help to increase your followers on social media.

While utilizing social networks, strive to attract a loyal following by building a relationship with potential customers.

Remember, social media requires and thrives on dialogue. Companies that only use social media to blast out messages about themselves and how great they are etc.; aren’t…

30 Days of Lead Generation — Day 4

Optimize your website with SEO — Search Engine Optimization.

This is one of the most effective ways to reach your

target audience and generate leads.

More than 70% of users do not go beyond the first page of Google search.

Remember to optimize your keywords and key phrases in the tags of the content. This will help you get better results from search engines.

Use those keywords in on-page. SEO. optimization Page titles, H1 heading, Meta descriptions, URLs, Image Alt Attributes

As this takes time most of the businesses ignore the SEO part and want to get leads fast with search engine marketing or paid marketing.

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30 Days of Lead Generation

Keyword research is an extremely important prerequisite for lead generation. You need to know what your prospects or customers are searching for, their search intent and accordingly, use them on your website and all the social media posts.

Long-tail keywords having 3 or more words in the search query will give you the best results as there is less competition.

Add location to your keyword to get on top of local search and generate more leads.






The Digital Marketing funnel will move the people through prospects, Visitors, Leads, Customers & Promoters.

This helps brands grow and attract new website visitors.

Do you use digital marketing funnels?

Learn more about Your Customer’s Journey Through Your Digital Marketing Funnel.

Contact us to know more.

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Social Media helps businesses engage with the target audience. There are several objectives such as increasing brand awareness, lead generation, etc.

When you talk about social media it is not the question of whether you know or use them but it is the question of relevance. Hence you should be present on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc

You must have a Social Media Marketing plan aligned to your business goals:

  • Define your social media objectives
  • Define social media channels you will use — do not waste time on all platforms
  • Create an…

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour as social distancing restrictions are yet in place. You have to reach out to your customers where they are, whatever device they are using at an appropriate time.

There is no other better way than adopting Digital Marketing for this.

I find many businesses still work on traditional marketing and that is actually impacting their business.

Here is a summary of the difference between traditional and digital marketing:

Traditional Marketing

  1. Results are not easily measured, and in many cases cannot be measured at all.
  2. The only local audience can see it who…

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