4 ways for leaders to be successful in Digital Transformation

  • What role does leadership play in Digital Transformation?
  • What type of leaders should an organization look for?
  • Is there a paradigm shift involved?
  • Can an executive be effective in this role or do they need specific skills and knowledge?
  • How does one handle cultural change within their organization, especially when employees who have been with the company for decades are now being asked to change their processes?
  1. Communicate the proper vision to all the employees so they get actively involved
  2. Assess the current digital maturity of the organization
  3. Conduct the customer journey mapping workshop to identify friction points for each customer interaction and to ensure digital is an outside-in approach
  4. Execute Roadmap initiatives based on the business priority & customer experience impact



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Sandeep Raut

Sandeep Raut

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